The Story – Local Moving Labor Services was created out of a need to provide individuals, families and businesses with reliable Moving Help® Service Providers at an affordable cost. As a result, our online marketplace enables customers to shop and compare moving companies that will provide a variety of labor services including: loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, and cleaning. Each day, hundreds of people choose from a list of thousands of prescreened Moving Help® Service Providers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Moving Help® and Local Moving Services

We connect people with a reliable moving labor to provide packing help, unpacking help, loading help, unloading help, and cleaning help. You can choose from any or all of the moving labor services that you require, then simply select from a list of Moving Help® Service Providers who are available in your area. is an online moving service directory that ranks all Moving Help® Service Providers based on a five star rating system derived directly from customer ratings. Spend as much time as you need reviewing hundreds of customer reviews from families who have used their moving services. You can compare moving labor prices ratings and read customer comments about each and every Moving Help® Service Provider before you make your selection.

In the past, customers had only two options when it came to finding moving services: (1) Hire a full service moving company and pay hefty prices (even if you tried to use flat-rate movers or cheap movers) or (2) do-it-yourself by renting a truck and spending all your time asking your friends and family to help move. Today, there is a great, innovative third choice created by that gives you the best of both worlds: (3-NEW) Moving Help® - which enables you to save money by renting your own truck; saves your back by providing you with the local movers to move your boxes and more. The time and money saved by using to find local moving services are incredible. Customers have reported saving thousands of dollars by using rather than breaking the bank with full-service moving companies.

But don’t just take our word for it – click "Find available Moving Help® Service Providers" on the homepage and read firsthand what others are saying about their experience or simply browse our moving service directory to find moving labor. Keep in mind that all of our customer reviews are unedited so you can read the exact truth. Quite simply, we provide moving help to make moving easier for everyone. Get a Moving Help® Service Provider today and make the right move - an easy move - at