Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions & Answers

What services can I offer?
Load/Unload - Performing the loading and/or unloading of a customer's goods onto or off of the customer's rental truck. All rates are based on the hourly rates for the crew size. The customer is responsible for all equipment including trucks, trailers, dollies, furniture pads, etc.

U-Box Load/Unload - Performing loading or unloading of a customer’s goods into or out of a U-Box storage container. All rates are based on a 1st U-Box plus per-Box flat fee rate. The customer is responsible for all equipment including dollies, furniture pads, etc.

U-Box Delivery & Load/Unload - Moving Help® Service Provider(s) uses their vehicle to pick up a U-Box trailer that the customer rented at the assigned U-Haul location and deliver the U-Box to the customer’s address. Perform loading or unloading of a customer’s goods into or out of a U-Box. Return the loaded or unloaded U-Box and trailer to a U-Haul location. All rates are defined by and based on the U-Haul pick up location and distance to the customer’s address.

Pack/Unpack - Helping customers pack or unpack their household goods into or out of boxes and storage bins. All rates are based on the hourly rates for the crew size. The customer is responsible for all moving supplies, packing materials, and boxes.

Cleaning - Cleaning a customer’s home or apartment. All rates are based on the hourly rates for the crew size. The customer is responsible for all cleaning supplies and equipment.

How do I know when a family has chosen my business for Moving Help® Services?
There are three ways you can find out about jobs:

1)You will receive an email job notification to the email you entered when you opened your account.  Make sure to keep your contact information updated at all times.

2)You can opt in to receive text notification of new jobs to your cell phone. To opt in to receive texts go to the profile tab in your Moving Help® Service Provider(s) account, click on your name at the bottom left of the page, click edit (the pencil) next to your phone number, and select the box that says Job Notification.

3)You can log in to your Moving Help® Service Provider(s) account to check for new jobs. New jobs will immediately appear in your account for you to view the details.

When I receive a job what should I do?
Keep in mind that customers do not always read all the information provided and sometimes they are a little confused as to what and/or who they hired.  Your jobs will go smoother and you will get better reviews if you follow these suggestions.

Your first step is to contact the family immediately. Let them know you have received their request for services and you would like to discuss the details of their job.  Be flexible with customers scheduling needs, offer alternative dates and times of service if necessary.  If you ask the right questions when you speak to the customer on first contact and then follow up on the day of or before, there should be no surprises for either party.  Use the printable “Job Checklist” found within the support tab in your account.  This checklist walks you through discussing the details of the move with the family.

Verify details of the job -  Date & time, Address, Size of truck/trailer they rented, stairs/elevators, specialty items (piano, safe, antiques etc.), number of rooms/boxes, number of locations, will extra hours/men be needed, number of pads you suggest they rent, let them know what other supplies they will need such as hand truck and tools.  Tell your customer to call you directly if there are any changes to what you’ve discussed. 

Payment Code and review processes – Explain the role of reviews and Payment Codes, how they work and to have the Payment Code ready for you on moving day.  Remember, customers don’t always read everything regarding their order and may not know about the Payment Codes or reviews.

2ND Contact – The night before or the day of the move, contact your customer to firm up the details.   Confirm address, times, who will you be meeting, security gate codes, ask if they are prepared or will they require additional help such as last minute packing or disassembling.  Let your customer know the names of the helpers who will be working for them and remind them to have the Payment Code ready.

Day of the job – Stay in touch with your customer, let them know if you will be late, verify they have all supplies including the truck/trailer they rented.  Resolve any issues on site.  Ask your customer if they are satisfied, remember to thank the customer for choosing your service and remind them to watch for an email with link to leave a review.  We suggest you be professional,  show up on time, work consistently, don’t take breaks, do not smoke on customers’ property, don’t use customers’ restrooms, don’t talk on the phone, wear appropriate attire (no sagging pants, flip flops, dirty clothing).

What happens if a customer does not return my email or call me back?
Leave a detailed message informing the family that you are the Moving Help® Service Provider(s) they hired and that you are contacting them to coordinate the details of their move. Your message should include your account profile name, your name and a phone number to reach you.  It is also a good idea to document each time you try to contact your customer in the notes section of the job.

It is also recommended but not necessary that you send a contact e-mail to all families that have booked your services. This might be necessary in cases where you can’t immediately reach the customer by phone.

Here is an example of a contact e-mail:

Subject Line: Your Upcoming Move

Hello, this is John, from Moving Help® Service Provider(s) Profile name. I received notification of your upcoming move, and would like to speak to you about the details. At your earliest convenience please contact me at 555-555-5555 so we can go over the details of your move.

Thank you for choosing Moving Help® Service Provider(s) Profile name for your move. We look forward to making your move a smooth, easy, and seamless process.

John Doe

What is the minimum amount of service hours a customer must purchase?
2 hours of service to secure an order for your account.  You cannot adjust the minimum required hours for your account.
What happens if the job exceeds the time customers have pre-paid?
If this occurs, you have 2 options. The first is to have the customer login to their Customer Account and add the hours to the Job. The second option is you can add hours in your Moving Help® Service Provider account in the Job itself. The customer will be asked to approve the add-on. 
What happens if we complete the job in less time than the customers have pre-paid?
Use this as an opportunity to "lock-in" that 5 star review. Ask the customer if there is anything else you can do to help with their move. Offering more service to the customer will help get better reviews. Better reviews mean more customers!
Who do I work for?

As a Moving Help® Service Provider(s) you work for yourself! You maintain, operate and are responsible for the activity of your account and your staff.

• You do not work for Moving Help®, represent or are a partner of or U-Haul.

Moving Help® is a neutral venue and a marketplace where independent buyers and sellers of moving labor related services interact.

Record keeping / Tax information:

You are responsible for maintaining your own record of job information

You are responsible for recording and maintaining all information needed for your tax preparations each year.

Do not depend on the reports in your Moving Help® Service Provider account, if your account becomes inactive for any reason, you will not have access to this information.

Moving Help® DOES NOT provide 1099 or W2 forms. As a Moving Help® Service Provider(s), you are self-employed. You do not work for nor are you a partner of Moving Help® or U-Haul. 

How do I become a successful Moving Help® Service Provider?
Create a company description, communicate with your customers, and give a good customer service experience. Encourage your customers to leave a review once the move is done and they are satisfied with the work. 
How do I get paid? (US Based Moving Help® Service Providers)
There are three methods for Moving Help® Service Provider(s) in the United States to get paid:

1)  Direct Deposit (ACH) to a real deposit checking account (No card of any type can be used as direct deposit).

2)  Direct Deposit (ACH) to a real deposit savings accounts (No card of any type can be used as direct deposit).

3)  Qualified Moving Help® Service Provider(s) can get paid by instant payment through Global Cash Card (GCC). Once you have qualified for a GCC, this payment option will appear in your account.

I’m a Canadian Moving Help® Service Provider, how do I get paid?
Canadian Moving Help® Service Providers are paid through direct deposit to their PayPal account.  

PayPal lets anyone in Canada with an email address to securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. In order to learn more or open an account, visit

Please Note: PayPal is the only option for Canadian Moving Help® Service Providers at this time.

What if I don’t have a bank account?
If you are just opening your Moving Help® Service Provider account, you MUST have a bank account in order for us to pay you.
I entered my payment code and haven’t been paid yet?
Most payment issues are temporary fraud prevention holds and will be taken care of within one day. It can take 1-3 business days for your bank to process your payment. Please wait 3 days then contact your bank first to confirm there are no problems with your account.
What do I do if I haven’t been paid for a job?
There are three steps to follow if you have a payment issue for a job:

1)      Check your account, and make sure your payment method information is correct and current. Check to be sure the ABA routing number and account number are correct. Make sure you did not use any kind of card as your direct deposit.

2)      Use the contact us form from your account. Include the job number, as well as any details about the job.

3)      Make sure the address in your profile is correct. If your payment fails and is returned to us, we will mail a check for the job payment to the address you have on your account.

Why would my payment fail?
Common reasons for payments to fail:

1)      A credit card, debit card, or pre-paid card was entered as a payment method.

2)      A mistake was made entering the routing number or the account number.

3)      A payment method was not entered. A valid payment method is required.

4)      The account number wasn’t updated when helper changed bank accounts.

5)      The GCC number from the card was entered as an account number instead of selecting GCC as the payment method.

6)      If you close your account in that time, your payment will fail.

How long will it take for me to get paid after a payment issue?
Most payment issues are temporary fraud prevention holds and will be taken care of within one day. If your payment failed, PayPal (our processor) sends payments to your bank twice daily.It will take your bank between 5 and 30 days to return a failed payment to us.If it is determined that the payment failed, AND was returned to us, we will cut a check to the account owner and mail it to the address listed in your account. If you entered a card number of any kind as a direct deposit, we will deduct a $30.00 per job processing fee from the check we mail you.  Make sure to always have your current address in your profile. All mail we send is to the address in your profile.
Can I use my debit, credit, or pre-paid card?
No. If you choose one of the direct deposit options, you must have a real deposit checking or savings account. No Payroll cards, Pre-paid cards, Rush cards, Debit cards or any other cards. Do not enter any card numbers for direct deposit. You must have a real checking or savings account that you opened with a deposit into the account. If you have a Global Cash Card, please select the Global Cash Card (Pay Card)" option above. DO NOT ENTER YOUR GLOBAL CASH CARD ACCOUNT NUMBERS as a direct deposit. If a card number is entered into our system as a direct deposit, there will be a $30.00 processing fee for each job and payments will be delayed 30 business days.
Global Cash Card (GCC)
When will I receive my GCC?
You will receive the card in 2 to 3 weeks. If there are any issues with receiving your card, please contact GCC directly. Once they have the application you must deal directly with them. Global Cash Card Customer Service at (866) 395-9200
How will my pay card work?
INSTANT PAYMENT for jobs. You will have immediate access to your funds through one million ATM’s and millions of merchants worldwide.
How do I activate my card?
You have 3 ways to activate your card.One way is that you can call our IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) system bycalling (866) 395-9200 and follow the prompts. Second, you can talk to a livecustomer Service Representative by calling (866) 395-9200 and follow theprompts. Third way, you can go online at You'll beasked to choose a PIN. Once completed, you will be able to access your funds.  
Are there any monthly or yearly fees?
No. There are only small fees on certain transactions.
How do I know that I have been paid?
You will be notified by email, voice mail, or text message that your card was loaded.
Where can I use my card?
You can access funds at one million ATM’s worldwide. Make purchases at two million merchants that accept PIN based cards. Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted (over twenty-nine million merchants worldwide).
How can I check my balance or confirm my transactions at no cost?
You can call Global Cash Card's IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) system by calling (866) 395-9200 and follow the prompts. You can talk to a live Customer Service Representative by calling (866) 395-9200 and follow the prompts. You can view balances and transactions online at  You can set up email, voice mail and text message alerts.
How do I keep my transaction fees low?
Always know your balance so you avoid decline and over limit fees. When making purchases, select “Credit” instead of “Debit” at the PIN Pad, there is no fee for a signature transaction. Ask for “Cash Back” at retail merchants when using your PIN. The additional cash back is free of any fee.
What if I lose my card or have additional questions about GCC?
Report this immediately to Global CashCard Customer Service at (866) 395-9200. They will “freeze” your card balance and transfer your balance to a new card and send it to your address on file.
Can I cancel a Moving Help® job?
Yes, however your rankings will be affected by service provider initiated cancellations.
What if a customer calls or emails me asking that I cancel a job?
If a customer informs you they want to cancel a job you should inform them only customers can cancel their orders.  Please refer them to cancel online in their own customer account or to use the contact us link, these links can both be found under the Customer Service tab at
How do I cancel a job?
A Moving Help® Service Provider cannot cancel a job. If you need to cancel, you must contact your customer and have them follow the above steps.  
How do I avoid cancellations?
There are several strategies you can use to avoid cancellations:

1)      Do not provide same day service unless you know you can ALWAYS take more jobs at the last minute.

2)      Carefully manage your availability. Do not allow more than one job in a time frame (morning, afternoon, or evening) if you only have one crew. Be aware of how many jobs you can do in one day.  Block the day once you cannot take more jobs.

3)      Keep your coverage area small enough for you to handle multiple jobs at one time. If you have a morning job at one end of your coverage area, and an afternoon job at another, make sure the area itself is small enough for you to accomplish both jobs.

Do cancellations affect where I appear on the MarketPlace list?
Yes. If you cause the cancellation it affects your overall performance. If you have several of these types of cancellations, you will appear lower on the list of providers that customers see. The best overall performers (5 star reviews and no cancellations) will always be at the top of the list.
Which types of cancellations count against me?
If you don’t show up to a job, don’t contact your customer, tell the customer you cannot or will not do the job, attempt to charge additional fees, have an invalid contact phone number on your account, or the customer cancels due to damages, they paid you in cash instead of payment code or were in some other way unsatisfied (incompetence etc), these are the types of cancellations that count against you in the ranking. Too many of these types of cancellations can result in the permanent removal of your account.  Please take the time to read the How to Avoid Cancellations section of FAQ’s to help ensure you always stay high on the list.
What can I do to prevent a cancellation from counting against me?
Sometimes nothing, we understand issues arise and you cannot always make every job.  We suggest you leave notes in the job each time you try to or contact your customer.  

Always leave the following notes:

• Can’t contact customer, date of attempt

• Customer changed date of move

• Customer changed time of move

• Customer changed address

• Any issues with damages

• Anything unusual that happens on the job

Ratings & Reviews
Who can leave ratings and reviews?
Every customer who completes services can rate their helpers and leave a review.
What is a rating?
A rating is a star total, with 5 stars = excellent, 4 stars = very good, 3 stars = good, and 1 star being poor.

Customers rate Moving Help® Service Providers on the following criteria:

COMMUNICATION– Call immediately after receiving order. Respond to e-mails and phone calls.

PROFESSIONALISM– Be respectful, polite, and calm. Accommodate customer’s schedule and needs. Wear appropriate attire to complete the service.

SERVICE– Take excellent care of customer’s items. Pay attention to loading/unloading, securing tiers etc. Avoid excessive breaks and smoking around the customer’s belongings or the home.

SATISFACTION – Provide services for your customer they would recommend to their loved ones. Attempt to resolve any issues as they arise.
How are my ratings calculated?
The ratings system and where you show up in the list is a completely automated system. Your ratings are the average of your last 10 reviews.
What if I haven’t completed 10 jobs?
The ratings system and where you show up in the list is a completely automated system. Your ratings are the average of your last 10 reviews.
Will I be able to respond to customer comments on my Moving Help® Service Provider profile?
Yes. A Moving Help® Service Provider is given 30 days to respond to customer comments.
Can I have a review removed?
Reviews cannot be removed once they are posted. However, you can respond to any review posted to your account.
Can a customer who cancels leave a review?
A customer cannot leave a ranking, but they can complete a review. If the cancellation was customer caused, comments will not appear. 
Do cancellations affect where I appear on the rankings?
Yes. If you cause the cancellations they can still count in the ranking.
Which types of cancellations count against me?
If you don’t show up to a job, don’t contact your customer, take cash instead of the Payment Code, try to charge additional fees, do not have a valid phone number, or any type of cancellation that you cause can count in the rankings.
What is a customer looking for in communication?
Call the customer as soon as possible after receiving the job (within 24 hours max.)

Call the customer the day before the move to confirm

Use the Moving Help® Service Provider Checklist (found in Support Tab) during your customer calls

Call the customer if anything changes, and return all calls/texts/emails

What is a customer looking for in professionalism?
Have a professional voicemail that identifies yourself by name and as a mover

Be polite and calm when speaking/communicating with customer

Pay attention to details

What is a customer looking for in service?
Show care and concern for your customer’s belongings.

Know how to load a truck, tiers, pads etc.

Know how to pack boxes if you offer packing service.

Ask the customer if they need more help. Offer to assemble disassemble furniture etc. Don’t offer something you don’t know how to do, but going beyond loading the truck will help to get you 5 star ratings, and lead to more jobs!

What is a customer looking for in Satisfaction?
Attempt to resolve issues as they arise.

Be clean and dressed to provide the services ordered. A common customer complaint is body odor. We understand that you just came from another job, but customers expect their job to be your top priority.

Avoid frequent breaks, smoking around the customer’s belongings, using customers’ restrooms.

Ask your customer if they are satisfied and would recommend your services to loved ones.

What is a Marketplace Fee?
Our Market Place Fee is calculated as a 15% fee from the total amount paid by the Customer for the Services.  REMEMBER: You agree that our Market Place Fee is not an additional amount to be charged or collected in addition to the total amount charged for the Services.
Why does Moving Help® charge me the Marketplace Fee?
The Market Place fee is to cover our costs for managing the website, the customer care center, and for developing new tools for the Moving Help® Service Providers.
How do I calculate the Marketplace Fee?
The Marketplace Fee is 15% of the total amount charged to the customer. If your hourly rate for a 2-man crew is $50 per hour, then a 2 hour job will come to $100. The marketplace fee for this job is $15, and you will receive $8
5.  $100.00 x .15 = $8
Can I charge extra fees for stairs, elevators, or long carries?
No. Moving Help® Service Providers are not allowed to charge any extra fees. The rates you enter on your profile needs to account for all fees.
Can I charge extra fees if I have to travel further to a job?
No. It is the Moving Help® Service Providers responsibility to be sure that their coverage area matches what they intend to cover for that rate.
What if a job goes longer than the customer pre-paid for?
If a job goes over hours, your customer can add hours through their Customer Account at 
How do I figure the amount I owe to for the extra hours?
If your posted hourly rate is $50 per hour, and you work 2 extra hours, for a total of $100, you simply take the amount, $100 time 15%, and get the total, $1
5. (100 x.15= $15).
How do I pay the Marketplace fee?
You simply send a check or money order, payable to Moving Help®, to:

Moving Help®

2727 N Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Please put the job number in the memo section.

How do I get More Jobs?
Pricing - One strategy for getting jobs is to adjust your pricing. Go to and search like you are a customer in your area. This will give you an idea of what your competitors are charging and whether you are over-priced for your area and ranking.

Services - Another strategy to get more jobs is to offer the most used services. We recommend all Moving Help® Service Providers offer a 2-man crew for load and unload, as well as U-Box delivery and loading services. These services make up the majority of the Moving Help® Jobs.

Pictures in your account - Customers want to know WHO is helping them move. Smiling pictures from the waist up of you and your helpers can go a long way towards putting a potential customer at ease. There are instructions in the Support tab of your account for how to take better pictures.

If you are using a computer to access your account and upload photos, JPG and GIF are the only accepted formats. If uploading from a mobile device, such as an iPhone, PNG files may also be accepted.
What is not allowed in pictures in my account?
Pictures that display any of the following will lose the ability to display photographs or can be removed from the MarketPlace:

• Business contact information

• Phone numbers

• Addresses

• Email addresses

• Website addresses

• Pricing for services

• Copyrighted images

• Anything considered offensive including but not limited to:

• Nudity

• Provocative images

• Pornographic images

• Violent images

Out of respect for our partnership with U-Haul, all pictured rental trucks should be U-Haul rental trucks.

Profile Description
Your Profile description is your chance to sell yourself to customers looking for Moving Help® Service Providers to hire. Read “Business Descriptions to Attract Customers”, it is located in the Support section of your account.
What isn’t allowed in my description?
The following items are not allowed in your profile description:

• Any contact information, including websites

• References to your Dollies, hand trucks, or moving pads

• Offensive language

• Minimum job times other than 2 hours

• References to extra fees

• Areas you won’t travel to

• Special instructions

• Prices that don’t match the prices set in your account

• Services not offered by Moving Help®

Account Management
Can I have or be associated with more than one account?
No. This is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement, and is not allowed.
Can I share workers with another Moving Help® Service Provider?
No. This is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement, and is not allowed.
Can I provide the truck or trailer for the customers?
No. This is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement, and is not allowed.
Can I place an order to my own account?
No. This is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement, and is not allowed.
Can I place an order to another Moving Help® Service Provider?
No. This is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement, and is not allowed.
Can I place a review to my own or another Moving Help® Service Provider account?
No. This is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement, and is not allowed.
Can I enter a Payment Code before I do the job?
No. This is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement, and is not allowed.
Why can’t I see my business listed on the website?
There are many reasons that your business doesn’t show up on the list.

• There is a problem with your coverage area.

• There is a problem with your availability on the day you searched (No max jobs set, blocked day, or booked up).

• You do not provide the service requested (do you provide packing? Do you have a 2 man crew?).

• You might be on the bottom of the list, or in the middle, and just not seeing your business.

Which service is most popular with customers?
2 man 2 hour Loading and Unloading services are the most chosen by customers.
Should I add same day or next day service?
You should only add same day or next day service if you are sure you can take last second jobs. If you work or take side moving jobs, you shouldn’t offer same day or next day service. If you have to cancel a job, even if it is a same day job, it will hurt your position in the rankings.
Should I add piano moving service?
You should only add piano moving services if you have the tools and experience necessary to move pianos.  A piano is very expensive, heavy, and difficult to move. You should make sure you price this service enough to pay for any special equipment you might need to complete the job.
I only have myself and one or two people that will work with me. How much availability should I have?
If you want to work on Saturday, and are available all day, the ideal availability for this would be 1 job in the morning, 1 job in the afternoon, 1 job in the evening, with a max daily job of