What services can I offer?


Load/Unload - Loading and/or unloading a customer’s belongings, typically to and from their home and rental truck. You may also be hired to load/unload trailers, storage units, or storage containers. All rates are based on hourly prices you set per crew size.

The customer is responsible for providing all equipment, including trucks, trailers, dollies, furniture pads, etc. This needs to be a discussion when you call the customer to confirm job details.

U-Box Load/Unload - Loading or unloading a customer’s goods into or out of a U-Box storage container. This service is offered at a flat rate based on the cost of the loading/unloading of the first U-Box plus the cost for each additional U-Box. 

U-Box Delivery & Load/Unload - Moving Helpers® use their own vehicle and hitch to pick up the customer’s U-Box(es), from an assigned U-Haul location, by using a U-Box trailer. This needs to be confirmed with the U-Haul location when calling to schedule the pickup time/date. The U-Box is then delivered to the customer’s home to load or unload it. The provider will then return the loaded or unloaded U-Box and trailer to the assigned U-Haul location that same day.  

All mileage rates are defined by and based on the distance to/from the U-Haul pick-up location and the customer’s address using Bing Maps. If the assigned U-Haul location changes at the request of U-Haul, email in to Mileage differences greater than 5 will be reimbursed by U-Haul, not the customer.

U-Box Delivery Only – Moving Helpers® use their own vehicle to pick up the customer’s U-Box(es), from an assigned U-Haul location, by using a pre-rented U-Box trailer. This needs to be confirmed with the location when calling to schedule the pickup time/date. The U-Box(es) will be delivered to the customer, allowing them to load or unload the U-Box(es) themselves. Once the customer has loaded or unloaded their U-Box(es), the Moving Helper® with retrieve the box(es) and return them to the respective U-Haul location, along with the U-box trailer. Coordinate with the customer to schedule both parts of this job. U-Box Delivery Only jobs will show up as two jobs with two payment codes.

Piano Moving - Loading and/or unloading (depending on the job and what you have agreed upon with the customer) a grand, baby-grand, or upright piano. Rates for piano moving are not hourly. Keep that in mind when setting your rate. You also should consider factoring in the cost for additional equipment you might choose to provide (such as a piano slide or piano moving dolly).

Safe Moving - Loading and/or unloading (depending on the job and what you have agreed upon with the customer) a safe. Rates for safe moving are not hourly. Keep that in mind when setting your rate.

Pack/Unpack - Helping customers pack or unpack their belongings into or out of boxes and/or storage bins. All rates are based on the hourly rates set per crew size. The customer is responsible for providing all moving supplies, packing materials, and boxes. 

Cleaning - Cleaning a customer’s home or apartment. All rates are based on the hourly rates per crew size. The customer is responsible for providing all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. 

How will I know when I have been booked?


  • When you receive a job notification to the email that you used to create your account.
  • If you opt to receive text notifications, you will receive a text message notifying you of a new job. To opt into text notifications, first visit the Profile tab in your Moving Helper® account and click your name at the bottom left of the page. Click the pencil icon next to your phone number and check the box that says Job Notification.
  • By logging onto your Moving Helper® account. New jobs will immediately appear in your account for you to view.

What should I do when I receive a job?


Keep in mind: Many customers will not have read all provided information after booking, so they might be a bit confused regarding how Moving Help® works. Your jobs will run smoother, and you will get better reviews if you take the time to communicate with your customers and follow our suggestions below. Also, be sure to notate every job with all communication.

Contact your customer as soon as possible no later than 24 hours of their booking. Tell them youve received their job and want to discuss the details. 
  • Use the printable Job Checklist found within the Support tab of your Moving Helper® account. This checklist walks you through discussing the details of the move with your customer.

Verify details of the job. Make sure to discuss the date and time of the service, the address(es) where they need service, the size of their truck/trailer they reserved, and if there are any specialty items (pianos, safes, antiques, etc.) they might need to be moved. See how many rooms their home has and if stairs or elevators will be used. Let your customer know of any supplies they may need to rent like furniture pads, dollies, or hand trucks.
  • See if your customer has reserved a large enough crew size with enough hours to complete the job. If they have not, you can advise them to add on additional hours in their Moving Help customer account. 
  • Encourage your customer to call you directly if there are any changes to what you’ve discussed.
  • All details about the move need to be in the customers job notes section
- Email sent (time and date)
- Include the time and date you contacted the customer via phone call
- Example: Job Notes - John Doe 480-444-0000
8:00am-9:00am 4 hours scheduled 
20ft load and unload
2323 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85004

Explain the Payment Code and review process. Explain the purpose of Payment Codes and how they work, as well as explaining the importance of leaving reviews. Remind your customer to have their Payment Code ready on for you on moving day. Remember, customers don’t always read everything regarding their order and may not know about the Payment Codes or review process prior to your explanation. Do not request the payment code until the job is complete and customer is satisfied.

Follow up with your customer. One day before the move, contact your customer to confirm previously discussed details. Confirm address, times, who you will be meeting, security gate codes, ask if they are prepared or will they require additional help such as last-minute packing or disassembling.  Let your customer know the names of the helpers who will be working for them and remind them to have the Payment Code ready. Please make sure you notate the details of the confirmation to the customer's job notes.

Get moving. On the day of the job be sure to stay in touch with your customer, let them know if you are running late or early, verify that they have all necessary supplies, including the truck/trailer they rented.
  • Resolve any issues on site. Ask your customer if they are satisfied, remember to thank them, and remind them to watch out for an email with a link to leave a review.
  • We encourage providers to be as professional as possible. This includes showing up on time, working consistently, not taking breaks, not smoking on customers’ property, not using customers’ restrooms, not talking on the phone, and wearing appropriate attire (clean, well-fitting clothing) and proper footwear (no flip flops).

What happens if a customer does not return my email/text or call me back?


If your customer has not returned any of your calls, leave them a voicemail letting them know that you are the Moving Help Service Provider they hired and that you are contacting them to coordinate the details of their move. Its imperative that you notate the job in the notes section with all attempts.

Your message should include your account profile name, your name, and a phone number to reach you at. Again, it is imperative to document each time you try to contact your customer in the notes section of the job. This will protect you if the customer cancels stating you did not contact them.

It is also recommended that you send a contact email or text message to all customers that have booked your services. This might be necessary in cases where you can’t immediately reach the customer by phone. Screenshots of text messages can be uploaded to the job showing verification you attempted to contact.

Here is an example of a contact email:

Subject Line: Your Upcoming Move

Hello, this is John, from Moving Help® Service Provider(s) Profile Name. I received notification of your upcoming move and would like to speak to you about the details. At your earliest convenience please contact me at (555) 555-5555 so we can coordinate the details of your move.

Thank you for choosing Moving Help® Service Provider(s) Profile Name for your move. We look forward to making your moving day as smooth, easy, and seamless as possible.

John Doe

What is the minimum amount of service hours a customer must purchase?


The minimum amount of time a customer can reserve is 2 hours of service. You cannot adjust the minimum required hours for your account.

What happens if the job exceeds the time customers have pre-paid?


You can either have your customer log onto their Customer Account and add additional hours to the job, or you can add hours to the job from your Moving Help® Service Provider account. If the hours are added from your account, your customer will be prompted to approve the add-on via text message or email.

What happens if we complete the job in less time than the customers have pre-paid?


This is the perfect opportunity for you to “lock-in” that 5-star review. You can ask your customer if there is anything else you can do to help like packing/unpacking, assembling/disassembling furniture, etc. Offering more service to the customer will help you earn better reviews. Better reviews mean more customers! Moving Help does not give partial refunds to the customer. If the customer requests a refund for time not used, it is between you and the customer. 

Who do I work for?


  • As a Moving Help® Service Provider(s) you work for yourself. You maintain, operate and are responsible for the activity of your account and your staff.
  • You do not work for Moving Help®, represent or are a partner of or U-Haul.
  • Moving Help® is a neutral venue and a MarketPlace where independent buyers and sellers of moving labor related services interact.

How should I manage records and handle my taxes?


  • You are responsible for maintaining your own record of job information.
  • You are responsible for recording and maintaining all information needed for your tax preparations each year.
  • Do not depend on the reports in your Moving Help® Service Provider account, if your account becomes inactive for any reason, you will not have access to this information.
  • Moving Help® DOES NOT provide 1099 or W2 forms. As a Moving Help® Service Provider(s), you are self-employed. You do not work for nor are you a partner of Moving Help® or U-Haul.

How do I become a successful Moving Helper®?


  • Have appealing profiles with detailed company descriptions, unique profile pictures, and positive reviews. 
  • Contact your customers ASAP and maintain a line of communication with them leading up to moving day. 
  • Give your customers the best moving day experience possible and ensure they are satisfied. 
  • Encourage your customers to leave a review after the move. Positive reviews lead to more jobs being booked! 

Why can’t I see my profile in the MarketPlace search results?


You may not see your profile for the following reasons: 

  • The search is not within your coverage area 
  • The search is for a day you are unavailable (no max jobs set, a blocked day, or you are fully booked) 
  • The search includes a service you do not offer (like packing, cleaning, or a piano move)
  • Your profile may be at the bottom of the list due to ranking or price


How do I get paid? (US Based Moving Helper®)


Direct Deposit (ACH) to a real deposit checking account from a traditional bank. No card, of any type, can be used for direct deposits.

How do I get paid? (Canadian Based Moving Helper®)


Canadian Moving Help® Service Providers are paid through direct deposit to their PayPal account.

PayPal lets anyone in Canada with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. To learn more, or to open an account, visit

Please Note: PayPal is currently the only option for Canadian Moving Help® Service Providers.

What if I don’t have a bank account?


A valid, traditional bank account is required for you to receive payment. Moving Help does not support online only banks, such as Chime or Varo. If you do not have a bank account, please consider reapplying once you have obtained one.

What is the Payment Code?


The Payment Code is a 6-digit code, which holds your customer's prepaid funds until the job has been completed. After finishing a job, your customer will give you their unique Payment Code that will allow you to release payment.

How do I obtain the Payment Code?


Once you have completed the job and the customer is satisfied, you should receive the Payment Code from the customer.

Your customers can find the Payment Code on their receipt, in their confirmation emailby text 842-85 if they opted for text messaging, or by signing into their Customer Account at 

What if I entered my Payment Code and still haven’t been paid?


Most payment delays are caused by temporary fraud prevention holds that are resolved within one business day. Additionally, it can take 1-3 business for your bank to process your payment. Please wait 3 days for your payment to clear and contact your bank first to confirm that there are no problems with your account before contacting Moving Help.

What should I do if I haven’t been paid for a job yet?


  1. Check that your payment information is correct and current, that your ABA routing number and account number are correct, and make sure that you did not use any kind of card for your direct deposit.
  2. Send us a message using the Contact Us form found on the Support tab of your account. Be sure to include the job number, as well as any details about the job.
  3. Make sure the address in your profile is correct. If your payment fails and is returned to us, we will mail you a check for the job payment to the address you have on your account.

Why would my payment fail?


  • A credit card, debit card, or pre-paid card was entered as a payment method. 
  • The routing or account number was entered incorrectly.
  • A payment method was never entered. A valid payment method is required.
  • The account number is associated with an inactive bank account. Be sure to update your payment method whenever changing bank accounts.
  • The account number is associated with an online only bank, such as Chime or Varo.

How long will it take for me to get paid after a payment issue?


Fraud Holds: Most fraud prevention holds are resolved within one business day.

Failed Payment: If a payment fails, it will take anywhere from 5 to 30 business days for your bank to return the funds to Moving Help. If it is determined that the payment failed, AND was returned to Moving Help, a check will be sent to the account owner. The check will be sent about 10-14 business days after the payment has been returned to Moving Help.

Direct Deposit: If a card number of any kind was entered as a direct deposit account number, your payment will fail. You will then be paid directly by Moving Help via check, after a $30.00 per job processing fee has been applied. Make sure to always have your current address in your profile, all mail we send is to that address.

Can I use my debit, credit, or pre-paid card?


No, if you choose to be paid via direct deposit, you must use a valid checking or savings account. Payroll cards, RushCards, prepaid cards, debit cards, or any other type of card will not be accepted.


Can I cancel a job?


Your Moving Helper account does not include a feature that allows you to cancel a job. If you cannot attend a job or must reschedule, you can contact your customer and instruct them to cancel and rebook from their customer account.

What if a customer asks me to cancel a job for them?


If a customer asks you to cancel a job for them, inform them that only customers can cancel their orders, via their customer account. If they have trouble cancelling, you can instruct them to contact Moving Help, by visiting the Support tab on our site.

How do I avoid cancellations?


  • Do not provide same-day service unless you know you can ALWAYS take more jobs at the last minute.
  • Carefully manage your availability. If you do not have a large enough crew, only allow one job per time frame (morning, afternoon, or evening).
  • Don’t overwhelm your days with too many jobs, block a day as soon as you are fully booked.
  • Don’t make your coverage area too large. Make sure that you can travel across your coverage area from one job to another. If you have a morning job at one end of your coverage area, and an afternoon job at another, make sure the area itself is small enough for you to accomplish both jobs.

Do cancellations affect how I rank in a customer’s search results?


Yes. If a cancellation is provider-initiated, it will affect your overall performance score which affects where you show up in search results. The best overall performers (5-star reviews and no/fewer cancellations) will always be at the top of the list.

Which types of cancellations count against me?


  • Not showing up to a job. 
  • Not contacting your customer. 
  • Telling your customer that you cannot or will not perform a job. 
  • Attempt to charge additional fees. 
  • Having an invalid phone number on your account. 
  • Customer cancelling due to damage. 
  • You accept cash payment instead of using the Payment Code. 
  • Customer dissatisfaction. 
Committing too many of these types of cancellations can result in the permanent removal of your account. 

What can I do to prevent a cancellation from counting against me?


Sometimes nothing, we understand issues arise and you cannot always make every job.  We suggest you leave notes in the job each time you contact or attempt to contact your customer.

Always leave the following notes:
  • Can’t contact customer with the date of attempt
  • Customer changed date of move
  • Customer changed time of move
  • Customer changed address
  • Any issues with damages
  • Anything unusual that happens on the job

Ratings & Reviews

Who can leave ratings and reviews?


Any customer who has had a Moving Help service completed can leave a rating and review for their service provider.

What is a rating?


A rating is your score out of 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest possible score and 1 start being the lowest. Your placement in MarketPlace search results are determined by the average score of your last 10 ratings.

What if I haven’t completed 10 jobs?


If you have not yet completed 10 jobs, your placement in MarketPlace search results will be determined by the average of what ratings you do have.

What factors make up my rating?


Customers rate the following factors on a scale from 1 to 5, together these factors create your overall star rating. 

Communication: Contacting your customer within 24 hours of booking. Responding to emails, texts, and phone calls in a timely manner. 

Professionalism: Being respectful, polite, and calm. Accommodating customers’ schedules and needs. Wearing appropriate attire to your jobs. 

Service: Taking excellent care of customers’ items. Paying attention when loading/unloading, securing tiers, etc. Avoiding taking too many breaks and smoking on the job. 

Satisfaction: Providing a level of service to your customers that they would recommend to their loved ones. Attempting to resolve any issues as they may arise.

Am I able to respond to customer review on my Moving Help® Service Provider profile?


Yes, you are given 30 days to respond to a customer’s review.

Can I have a review removed?


Reviews cannot be removed once they have been posted. However, you can respond to any review posted to your account within 30 days.

Can a customer who cancels leave a review?


A customer with a cancelled order cannot leave a rating, but they can still complete a review. If a cancellation was customer-caused, those reviews will not appear on your profile.

What can I do to improve my communication score?


  • Contact customers within 24 hours of booking
  • Contact customers the day before the job to confirm details
  • Answer customer calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner
  • Stay informed as any changes occur

Use the Moving Helper Checklist during calls to make sure you don’t miss any details. Read the Communication Is the Key infographic for even more tips and tricks.

What can I do to improve my professionalism score?


  • Have a professional voicemail that identifies their company name and that they are a mover
  • Politely communicate with your customers and be as patient as possible
  • Pay attention to detail

What can I do to improve my service score?


  • Show care and concern for their customers’ belongings
  • Know how to properly load a truck (creating tiers, using moving pads and stretch wrap, etc.)
  • Know how to properly pack boxes (if you offer the packing service)
  • Ask your customers if they need any more help, like assembling or disassembling furniture, but remember to only help with things you are certain you know how to do

What can I do to improve my satisfaction score?


  • Attempt to resolve any issues as they arise
  • Attend jobs clean and wearing proper attire; customers commonly complain about body odor. We understand that you travel directly from job to job, but customers typically expect their job to be your top priority
  • Ask your customers if they are satisfied with their service and if they would recommend your service to loved ones


What is the Marketplace Fee?


The MarketPlace Fee is a 15% fee collected from the total amount paid by a customer for a Moving Help service.

Reminder: When you completed the Agreement, you agreed that the MarketPlace Fee is not an additional amount to be charged or collected in addition to the total amount charged for your services.

Why does Moving Help® charge a Marketplace Fee?


The MarketPlace Fee covers the cost of managing, maintaining the customer care center, and for developing new tools for Moving Help Service Providers to utilize.

How do I calculate the Marketplace Fee?


The MarketPlace Fee is 15% of the total amount charged to the customer. Multiply the order total by .15 to see how much the MarketPlace Fee is for an individual job.


A customer orders 2 hours of service with a 2-man crew at a rate of $50/hr.

2hrs x $50 = $100 total

$100 X .15 = $15 service fee 

Can I charge fees for stairs, elevators, or long carrying distances?


No, Moving Help® Service Providers are not allowed to charge any extra fees. When you set your hourly rates, account for charging for instances of stairs, elevators, and long carrying distances.

Can I charge fees if a job requires me to travel long distances?


No, it is the Moving Help® Service Provider’s responsibility to account for travel time when setting their rates and creating zones.

What if a job goes longer than what the customer pre-paid for?


If a job goes over the amount of time your customer has pre-paid for, you can instruct your customer to add more hours from their customer account.

How do I figure out the amount I owe Moving Help for additional hours, not paid using the MarketPlace?


If you accepted payment (outside of your Payment Code) to cover additional hours, you must manually pay the MarketPlace fee, which is 15% of the additional payment you accepted.


You worked four hours over the reserved time. Your customer originally paid at a rate of $50 for two men for two hours.

4hrs x $50 = $200 of additional pay

$200 X .15 = $30 service fee owed to Moving Help

How do I pay Moving Help the MarketPlace fee for additional funds accepted?


Please send a check or money order, payable to Moving Help®, to:

Moving Help®

2727 N Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Please put the job number in the memo section.

Can I charge fees if the job requires me to travel on toll roads or take a ferry?


No, it is the Service Provider’s responsibility to account for any additional expenses when setting up zones that may require these routes.


How can I get more jobs?


Competitive Pricing: Make sure that you are not overcharging in comparison to providers who also offer services in the same area as you. Try going onto and searching in an area that you cover to see what providers with similar rankings to you are charging.  

Services Offered: Make sure that you are offering the most popular services. Orders for loading/unloading with a two-man crew and U-Box services (including delivery) make up most jobs ordered through 

Account Photos: Customers want to know who is helping them move. Smiling pictures from the waist up of you and your crew can go a long way towards putting a potential customer at ease. There are instructions in the Support Tab of your account on how to take better pictures. 

If you are using a computer to upload photos, JPG and GIF are the only accepted formats. If uploading from a mobile device, such as an iPhone, PNG files may also be accepted. 

What isn’t allowed in my account’s photos?


Accounts featuring pictures that include any of the following will lose the ability to display photographs or may be removed from the MarketPlace: 
  • Business contact information 
  • Phone numbers 
  • Addresses 
  • Email addresses 
  • Website addresses 
  • Pricing for services 
  • Copyrighted images 
  • Anything considered offensive including but not limited to: 
  • Nudity 
  • Provocative images 
  • Pornographic images 
  • Violent images 
Please note: Out of respect for our partnership with U-Haul, all pictured rental trucks should be U-Haul rental trucks. 

What should I put in my profile description?


Your profile description is your chance to sell yourself to customers. Check out this helpful PDF full of Business Descriptions to Attract Customers.

What isn’t allowed in my description?


The following items are not allowed in your profile description: 
  • Any contact information, including websites 
  • References to supplying dollies, hand trucks, or moving pads 
  • Offering minimum job times less than 2 hours 
  • References to extra fees 
  • Areas you won’t travel to 
  • Special instructions 
  • Different prices than what your account is set at 
  •  Services not offered by Moving Help® 
  • Offensive language 

Account Management

Can I own, or be associated with, more than one account?


No, this is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement and is not allowed.

Can I share crew members with another Moving Help® Service Provider?


No, this is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement and is not allowed.

Can I provide a truck or trailer for my customer?


No, this is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement and is not allowed.

Can I place an order to my own account?


No, this is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement and is not allowed.

Can I place an order to another Moving Help® Service Provider?


No, this is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement and is not allowed.

Can I place a review for my own or another Moving Help® Service Provider’s account?


No, this is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement and is not allowed.

Can I enter a Payment Code before I complete a job?


No, this is a violation of the Moving Help® Service Provider agreement and is not allowed.

Can I have overlapping coverage areas?


Yes, but keep in mind that when a customer books from a location within your overlapping zones, your lowest rate (of the applicable zones) will apply.


What service do customers order most often?


The most common order made on is for loading/unloading with a two-man crew for two hours.

Should I offer same-day or next-day service?


You should only offer same-day or next-day service if you are certain that you will be able to accommodate those jobs.  

Keep in mind: Cancelling any job will affect your placement in the MarketPlace search results, this includes cancelling same or next-day jobs.

Should I offer piano moving as an additional service?


Pianos are very heavy, expensive, and difficult objects to move. You should only offer piano moving as an additional service if you are equipped with the tools and experience needed to safely move pianos.  

Make sure that you properly price this service to account for the cost of any special equipment you may need to complete the job.


If my crew only consists of myself and one or two other members, what should my availability be?


For smaller crews, the ideal availability is typically to offer only one job per time slot (one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening) with a daily max of two jobs.

Why would a smaller crew have a daily max of two jobs?


Larger crews can easily split up members between jobs, to perform multiple jobs at once or one immediately after another, but smaller crews typically cannot.  

When setting a daily max, it is important to factor in time for travelling between jobs, giving your crew time to rest, and for when jobs run over time.

How many days should I be available?


You can choose to be available for as many or as few days as you would like. Keep in mind your crew’s size and the availability of individual members.  

We recommend including weekends in your availability, since that is when customers typically choose to move.


Can I block days on my calendar?


Yes, you can block individual days by using your custom availability settings. If there are certain days of the week you never want to work, you can block those using your default availability settings.

Can I see my customer’s name on my calendar?


Yes, the customer’s name, as well as the time of day for their move, should be visible on your calendar, unless the job has been cancelled.

When I click on a customer’s job in my calendar, why can’t I see their information?


This may occur because of the following: 
  • The job has been cancelled or completed. Once a job is no longer considered scheduled, you will not be able to view the customer’s information. 
  • You are not in daily view. Clicking on the customer’s job to pull up their information will not work when in weekly or monthly mode.


What is U-Box?


U-Box is U-Haul’s solution for portable storage containers. Customers can use U-Boxes for storage, moving, and even shipping household goods internationally.

What services can Moving Helpers® offer for U-Boxes?


Load/Unload: The loading or unloading of a customer’s U-Box. The customer will be responsible for arranging the delivery and retrieval of their box(es). 
Delivery-Only: The delivery and retrieval of a customer’s U-Box(es) to and from a U-Haul center and the customer’s home. The customer is responsible for loading or unloading their U-Box(es). 
Delivery & Load/Unload: The delivery, loading or unloading, and retrieval of a customer’s U-Box(es). 

A Moving Helper can offer any combination of the above U-Box services, or none at all.  

How does a U-Box Load/Unload job work?


A Moving Helper will load or unload a customer’s U-Box, typically at the customer’s home or at a U-Haul location. For U-Box Load/Unload jobs, customers are responsible for the pickup and retrieval of their U-Box.

How does payment for a U-Box Load/Unload job work?


You will be given a single Payment Code after you have either fully loaded or unloaded your customer’s U-Box. Load/Unload jobs are based on a flat rate that you set, not at an hourly rate.

How does a U-Box Delivery-Only job work?


A Moving Helper will use their own vehicle and a prepaid trailer to pick up a customer’s U-Box from a designated U-Haul location. The U-Box is then delivered to the customer’s home, where the customer will take care of the loading or unloading themselves. The Moving Helper will later retrieve the U-Box and return it to the designated U-Haul location.

How does payment for a U-Box Delivery-Only job work?


U-Box Delivery-Only is the only order type that will split your flat rate into two Payment Codes, since you will be performing two separate services, the drop-off and retrieval. You will receive your first payment code after dropping off your customer’s U-Box(es) and the other when you are picking the U-Box(es) up to return them to a U-Haul location.

How does a U-Box Delivery and Loading/Unloading job work?


A Moving Helper will pick up a customer’s U-Box from a designated U-Haul location using a pre-rented trailer and their own towing equipped vehicle. The Moving Helper will then deliver the U-Box to the customer’s home, as well as load or unload it. Once the U-Box has been loaded or unloaded, the Moving Helper will drive the U-Box back to its respective U-Haul location.

How does payment for a U-Box Delivery & Load/Unload job work?


You will receive one payment code for a U-Box Delivery & Load/Unload job. You will receive your Payment Code when you are about to leave your customer’s home to drop the U-Box back off at the designated U-Haul location.

How are the rates for U-Box jobs set?


The rates for each service are set by you. To set your rates and pick which U-Box services you would like to offer, log into your account and go to the Business Profile tab in the Services section.

How is mileage calculated?


Mileage is calculated by adding up the distance from the designated U-Haul pick-up location to the customer’s service address, and back to the U-Haul location. Keep in mind, mileage will only display the distance travelled for one container. To calculate the exact amount your customer paid for mileage, just multiply the round-trip distance by number of containers you are delivering. 

Mileage Payment = First Box Mileage Rate + (Each Additional Box Mileage Rate X Additional Box Quantity) 

To see how much you will be paid, multiply the Mileage Payment amount by .85, this accounts for the 15% MarketPlace fee.

Can I choose which U-Haul locations I want to service for U-Box Delivery jobs?


No. If a customer's service address is within a zone that you offer U-Box Delivery services, then you will pick-up and drop-off from their assigned U-Haul location, even if it is outside of your service zone.

Will I have to wait at the U-Haul location for the U-Box trailer and container?


Typically, if you have been in contact with the U-Haul location and your customer prior to the date of service, the pick-up process will run rather smoothly. There might be times when the U-Haul location is very busy that may cause the pick-up to take longer than usual. 

Follow these steps to help make the U-Box pick-up process run as smoothly as possible:
  • Introduce yourself to the staff at U-Haul locations you frequently pick up from.
  • Have a pre-tow inspection completed in advance.
  • Contact your customer and confirm that they have authorized payment for the trailer rental.
  • Contact the designated U-Haul location and let them know when you will be arriving to pick up the U-Box.
  • Try to coordinate with your customers to avoid pick-ups and drop-offs during peak U-Haul business times, like early Saturday morning. When you introduce yourself to a location, ask them if there are times you should try to avoid.

How do I communicate with the U-Haul location?


Creating and maintaining a line of communication between your customer and the designated U-Haul location is crucial. Be sure to coordinate pick-up and drop-off times with your customer and the U-Haul location prior to the service date. Your customer can also expect to receive a call from the U-Haul location to verify their U-Box's pick-up and drop-off details.

How should I document my jobs?


When leaving notes on your jobs, be sure to do so in real time. Document events as they are occurring throughout the day, your notes should read in chronological order. 

Your notes should show a chain of events, not posted as one large note after the job has been completed.

What notes should I leave on my job?


Prior to the Job: 
  • When you have reached out to a customer after booking. Customers expect to be contacted within 24 hours after reserving your services. 
  • The details of the move and who you spoke with, as well as which number you called. If you were unable to contact your customer, note that you initiated communication. 
Day of the Job: 
  • Any issues or delays occurring at the U-Haul location during the pick-up or drop-off processes. 
  • The equipment your customer provided, such as the number of dollies, hand trucks, and moving pads. 
  • Any items that appear damaged before you have moved them and if the customer was aware of the existing damage. 
  • You can include any photos showing any existing or sustained damage. 
  • You can copy your Payment Code into your notes for safe keeping as well. 

How do I add or remove U-Boxes from a job?


If an order does not reflect the correct quantity of U-Box containers from a job you have completed do not submit the Payment Code. Advise your customer to contact U-Box Customer Support at 877-468-4285 to have their reservation updated.

If the job does not reflect a quantity change after your customer calls U-Box Customer Support, then your company can send an email to

What should I do if a U-Box order needs to be corrected?


Change of Service: If the customer needs different a delivery service, have the customer contact Moving Help support (via live chat or email) or you can email

Additional Mileage: Email into for a mileage adjustment of 5 miles or more, differences under 5 miles cannot be accommodated. Requesting U-Box additional mileage must be requested within 30 days of job completion. If not done within that time frame, the reimbursement request will be denied.

Delays: Delays will only be compensated as a courtesy if there is proof present in your job notes. Valid notes will have to have been entered in real time as the relevant events are occurring. After submitting a delay claim, please wait 1-5 business days, allowing us time to complete the investigation. 

Do I need to bring my driver’s license?


Yes, a valid driver’s license is required when delivering U-Boxes.

What should I do if I’m not getting enough jobs?


If you feel like you are not getting enough jobs, or you are trying to increase the number of jobs booked, try checking out how much your competitors are charging. Put in an address, or zip code, in your service area on to see what Moving Helpers near you are charging.

U-Box Helpful Links

Contact Us

How can I contact Moving Help?


If you still need help after searching through the FAQ page and completing your training, you have three options: 

 Please keep in mind that Moving Help is an online marketplace therefore, we primarily conduct business online. We do not have a Moving Help Service Provider support phone line.

We have trained personnel assisting via email 7 days a week, from 7 am- 6 pm MST, for when a Moving Helper cannot resolve an issue by reading the Agreement, FAQ page, emails we send, or by watching the training videos.

What are the rules for the U-Haul Moving Helpers Facebook group?


  • Communicate respectfully with others 
  • Do not taunt, aggravate, or provoke others 
  • Do not use any derogatory or insulting language 
  • Be respectful of other posters, even when disagreeing with their ideas 
If you fail to adhere to these rules, you may be blocked from further posting. 

What are the rules for emailing in or using the Contact Us form?


  • Always include your account profile name, your full name, and relevant job number 
  • Provide a detailed description of the issue 
  • Be polite and professional 
  • Make sure that emails from Moving Help® are not going into your spam folder 

Please remember when sending in an email or using the Contact Us form that you are communicating with a real person who is trying to help you. 


What is the criteria for Safeload eligibility?


  • Complete a minimum of 25 jobs.
  • Maintain a 4.6+ star rating average (last 10 reviews).
  • Zero no-show cancellations in the past 90 days.

What is required of me if Safeload coverage is purchased by a customer?


A minimum of four (4) photos taken throughout the job must be uploaded to the customer's job on your Moving Helper account in order to enter the Payment Code. Failure to upload 4 photos may result in delayed or failed payment.

What kind of photos should I be taking for Safeload jobs?


Photos should show the progress of load/unloading trucks or portable storage containers, the progress of packing/unpacking customer's items into boxes, pre-existing damages of customer's belongings, and anything else that may help a Repwest adjuster investigate damage claims.